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Since big industries are responsible for the main extraction of gases into the atmosphere, most of which are situated in developed countries like the United States, it is a matter of establishing policy to counter it.

This proves difficult as any measure to restrict such activities will result in increasing costs for businesses which will be opposed and even lobbied against. There have been several efforts to make transnational businesses follow the environmentally friendly path on their own account. One such measure has been through the rise of Corporate Social Responsibility. The CSR movement has resulted in, and has been built around, several influential transnational initiatives that define the principles of responsible business practice (Egels-Zandén). Protecting the environment is included in these practices and many companies such as Toyota have taken up the banner of going green. This has resulted in increased costs but they have themselves started benefiting through increased sales to the environmentally cautious customers and a better reputation. Oil companies however have opposed it as less demand for the substance harms their business. This is believed to be one of the reasons they lobbied to attempt to derail the increasing popularity of the environment friendly string of electric cars (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

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