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Social Security has not been that a viable concept and the proposals for Social Security relies on the anticipation that the program costs as currently structured will outstrip the raised and invested revenues in the wake of the 21st century up to the mid of the century.

It is anticipated that the benefits will have to be paid solely from the revenues which are obviously expected to be too inadequate for such a robust project. It has been criticized by most experts that if the project is amended, it shall put a heavy burden on the entire federal budget. When this happens, especially the hike in federal budget, there will be a need to reduce the benefits of the civilians or still in another perspective; it will lead to the significant increment of taxes to the citizens. Although the historical returns from stocks and bonds investments over a century earlier suggests that investing the funds in such securities will preclude the financial difficulties of the program, the fluctuation in prices of stock in and after the market bubble in the late1990s has provided too much pauses, especially where the investment accounts of an individual are concerned.

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