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The nutrition and diet of a child are both very important and have recently become a cause for concern. Parenting is seen as quite a difficult job and it is sometimes hard for parents to make their children eat the appropriate type of food. Parents sometimes believe that as long as their child eats, it’s fine. What they eat isn’t of concern but this is not true. If a child gets the wrong approach toward food from an early age, he/she can receive mixed signals and this could lead to problems in the future. It is the parent’s responsibility and duty to look after the eating habits of their child and to ensure they eat well.

Children in the world today have started eating excess amounts of sweets, candies, crisps and lollipops and other forms of refined carbohydrates (Mount). In order to know what kids are eating these days, the best way is to watch cartoons on Saturday morning. It is through commercials that children decide the type of food they want to eat ranging from cereals to cookies. After seeing the advertisements on the television, the children then purchase the same products while grocery shopping with their parents. Characters and fun toys are all part of the…

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