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There are many things in our life which are important but we do not realize their importance. Our food is one of these things. People are rarely aware of the importance of a proper diet and healthy nutrition. These are the things required for us to grow and function effectively.

Have you ever wondered as to what you eat and why you actually eat? Most people would say that they feel hungry and hence they eat. Or, some say they feel that their stomach rumbles if they do not eat or they feel tired if they do not eat food. People often eat just because they are bored and do not know what else to do. These are basically emotional reasons why people eat but people barely stop and think about why our body needs food?

Good nutrition and a healthy diet are important for every individual. The food which we eat provides us with the energy required to carry on with our daily routine. Apart from that, it is the nutrients from our food which help our body function properly and the way it is supposed to. Food can be seen as fuel for our body; just like a car cannot run without fuel, our body cannot survive without food and nourishment. Our body…

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