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The Hollywood film industry had been coordinated properly by its own self-generated censorship body from the 1930s. The Production Code Administration (PCA) had run the output of the huge bulk of Hollywood producers and issued guarantees confirming that a film corresponds to the dictates of the code. Until the 1960s, the PCA delivered a single kind of seal, signifying that the film was suitable for the anticipated family viewers. Pressure to shift this system from the 1950s onwards augmented from a variety of groups; directors; theatre-owners; audiences; and critics. The end of the production code led to a segmentation of the movie audience.

In November of 1968, major revisions in the rating systems facilitated to encourage artistic freedom rather than censorship, and circumvent the threat of government censorship. It let Hollywood film-makers compete against adult-oriented foreign film productions, and it lessened control toward questionable themes the production code was replaced by a rating system – filmmakers began experimenting with more politically subversive, sexually explicit, and violent material. Movies made for the youth market even suggested that Hollywood might be capable of political radicalism as well as an ever more open portrayal of sex.

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