Sample Film and Technology Essay

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With the development of science and technology, the world has had certain impacts on it. Technology, in particular, has led to certain changes and developments in the world out of which most of these have been seen in the film industry. Gradually, the film industry has seen developments which have led films to become more realistic than before.

The advances in the film industry are seen to be due to the invention of the first machine in the United States which was capable of showing animated movies. This machine was known as the “Wheel of life” and it was patented by William Lincoln in the year 1867. However, it has been the motion camera which has led to the making of films. The first motion camera was invented in the year 1895 by a Frenchman, Louis Lumiere, however, there were many other cameras which were produced during the same time. Lumiere’s the camera was very much different from the rest of the motion cameras which were invented around the same time. His camera was a portable one which included a film processing unit along with a projector. All these functions were combined into one motion picture camera which is why…

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