Sample Essay

The movies on Frankenstein have effectively projected Mary Shelly’s description of the creature as a distorted human form. The lack of proportionality of his limbs to the body, the lustrous nature of his hair, and the brilliant teeth stand out as contrasted to his sallow, shrivelled and thin skin, along with watery eyes and black lip.

This description often gets to the hearts of humans, since unlike monsters from the deep, Frankenstein takes up human form, as he closely looks more human that a disgusting creation (Johnson & Garrett, 2009). The difficulty Frankenstein gives viewers is the reconciliation with familiarity of human features which are strangely deformed. The mixture of humane and inhuman, strange and familiar features, make Frankenstein a historical disturbing creature. Therefore, the failure to humanise Frankenstein arises from his deformity which makes him socially unacceptable.

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