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Abstract: the death penalty has been quite successful in keeping criminals off the street. If applied to all 50 states, it can lower the rate of crime.

If we do not execute murderers and if we had it would have led to other murderers not having committed a crime, it can be seen as having killed many innocent victims. I would rather execute a certain murderer and take that risk. According to me, making this decision is not something very hard (McAdams). The death penalty as a form of punishment should be legalized in all the 50 states of the United States of America in order to prevent crime from taking place, to keep offenders from committing any type of crime and from coming out onto the streets, and to reduce the likelihood of people paying to keep those found guilty of any crime out of prison.

The death penalty as a form of punishment can help in deterring violent crimes being committed particularly when this form of punishment is legal in any state. It is the opinion of social scientists that deterrence is an act that occurs when any punishment prevents a criminal from committing any crime. It prevents the criminal and deters him from actually conducting the heinous act. However, it is crimes under passion that are unlikely to be stopped from general deterrence as compared to premeditated crimes. States which have enforced the use of the death penalty have seen the rate of crimes go down.

The death penalty is one form of punishment that has been successful in keeping criminals off the street. In a case which took place in Michigan, theā€¦

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