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My interview subject was 20 year old Art student who lives in New Jersey whom we’ll call Nigar. Nigar is an immigrant from Turkey; she came over from Turkey with her younger brother when she was around 13.

So, tell me about your life.

Well, I was born in Türkiye Cumhuriyeti also known as Turkey. What I remember about it … well for starters, there are a lot of very old people in Turkey. I don’t know why? They roam about Turkey.

Growing up I played a ton of football (soccer), it’s huge in Turkey, like many places in Europe. I went to games with my dad when I was little, my brother and I, he’s a little younger than me. My mom lives here in America so that’s why I’m here.

I lived near Istanbul, in the suburbs of Istanbul basically. We used to go there, to the central city area, at least once a week. Going into the city was always fun

I have family in Bulgaria too, not too far from us.

What was your immigration experience like?

My immigration experience was very hectic. There were lots and lots of papers. I’m here on a green card. I’ve been here in America for 8 years now. I was 10 when the process started. I don’t remember all of it, but there were background checks and everything. It was pretty scary sometimes. Their questions…they made you feel like you had something to hide. But I was only 10 so; it’s understandable for a 10 year old to be scared of questions from strange people. I immigrated with my brother; he’s a bit younger than me, but here for school too

Did you have help from somebody in your immigration process?

Like immigration lawyers? Nope. Nobody helped me other than my parents. Perhaps that’s why it took a while. It took a long time for the whole process to go through. It took little under 3 years.

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