Sample Essay

An information interview was arranged with Nicola Johnston who is the Product Manager for a makeup brand at Maybelline New York.  The person is a corporate friend of mine as stated earlier. I asked her questions pertaining to the personal care industry and the prospects at Maybelline and L’Oreal, both are the places where she has worked. She stated that the personal care industry is very dynamic, especially when it comes to the marketing segment of the corporate worlds. All brands are striving to compete with each other while still maintaining a differentiated image and position for themselves in the market.

The glamour that is apparent to an outsider in the industry is pure superficial, and actually hard word is involved. Companies in the personal care industry seek young prospective recruits who have an established background in marketing or retailing and have had some experience of using personal care products. She mentioned that this is important as it established a link between the employees and the customers of the companies. Moreover very creative minds, as well as shrewd social skills are required to land a job and climb the corporate ladder in the personal care industry, specifically in the field of marketing.

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