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The university is also looking to increase its student exchange and study abroad programmes, and international work placements so that they can facilitate knowledge transfer (Bristol University 2007).

This suggests that the higher education sector in the UK operates with an internationalism approach, whereby knowledge and information exist to be shared, and not for competition as globalisation would suggest.  However, one flaw of this approach is that it does not acknowledge the financial contribution that the UK higher education sector stands to lose from not being competitive on a global scale.

The University of Nottingham and the University of Liverpool are among a few institutions that have set up bases in China (House of Commons 2007).  These bases are part of joint ventures with the private higher education institutions in China, which also means that not a lot of UK higher education institutions are likely to follow suit, as private often means one has to find the finances to set a base up.  This form of international marketing is not common among a lot of UK higher education institutions due to the costs involved, and also because of the structure of the higher education sector in this country.  Not only does this form of marketing increase student numbers, it also creates a strong brand awareness and identity for the higher education institution.

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