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Despite two out of three objectives not being met, the author was able to find out that the structure and administration of the UK higher education sector determined international marketing methods and techniques, and this structure was also responsible for the nature of the responses.  The author was also able to determine that UK higher education institutions had little involvement in the international marketing and had a larger role marketing nationally.

The limitations that pertain to this research are focused on the scope of the research as limited information was available for the study. The focus for the market research was dependent on the secondary research while through primary research the University of Bradford case was undertaken and analysed. This research also focussed on the UK, and if it had included a comparison with other higher education sectors, then the major differences and similarities would have been identified, and used to form a more intensive conclusion.  A research on this topic would also have corresponded to the data that is available in the UK, thereby increasing the power of the results. Additionally the results of the research undertaken are specifically limited to the UK environment specifically the UK postgraduate universities. Moreover the case is restricted to the University of Bradford.

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