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When it comes to the internationalisation and marketing strategies targeted towards the international students the University of Bradford has been very active and has done a significant job by proving their postgraduate international student body with support for the initiation, application and admission to the postgraduate programs, providing career, technology accommodation support as well as providing support in terms of orientation into the British culture and the University life as and the language skill enhancement aid.

The low cost of living in the region is also highlighted by the university to its international students as it is one of the riving forces for the students who come to UK for their postgraduate studies.

A research undertaken by the International Student Barometer (ISB) measured the satisfaction of the international students pertaining to education, learning, resigning and living as well as any other form of student support provided by Universities globally. The results indicated that “The University’s International Office was rated number one out of 25 participating higher education institutions (HEIs) from the UK, Australia, the USA, continental Europe and South Africa, beating strong competition from prestige UK universities such as Cambridge, Durham and Nottingham. Students also rated Bradford highly for degrees that would help them get a good job – reinforcing the University’s renowned graduate employment track record. There were also good scores for cost of living, for which Bradford came out number one in the UK and number two globally, and its Counselling Service was rated as second best in both the UK and globally.” (‘Students rate Bradford’s International Office Number’, 2006) Additionally the University of Bradford also secured highest rating for the same study in 2005, when a pilot study was undertaken by the ISB.

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