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Among the greatest strengths of the movie is the ability to bring the happenings in the Iraqi war close to the picture. Considering that majority of the global residents were not aware of the problems the US soldiers were facing and the problems they were causing to the innocent civilians, the movie brought the reality to the world these realities. More so, it was able to show that the war affected the normal lives of the soldiers who served in Iraqi. They could not live a normal live even after leaving Iraqi as revealed by James, who leaves Iraqi to have a son but even after having son, he is not alienated from the war. This is an evidence of the movie’s opening quote that “…for war is a drug” (The Hurt Locker) meaning that war is addictive. Many American families with solders serving in Iraqi and the American citizens opposed this war due to its effect in their loved ones and the effect on the innocent Iraqi residents.

The movie The Hurt Locker is a linear since it clearly shows the actions in sequence without any flashback. This can be evidenced by the live of James which is showed chronologically while serving the US Explosive Ordnance Disposal, later leaving Iraqi that joining the 365 day rotation by the Delta Company, an affiliate of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Beginning with the first quote about war being a drug and James taking the position of a fallen hero, the movie ends with James leaving his son and joining the military again hence clearly convincing that The Hurt Locker is a linear movie.

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