Sample Essay – Hurt Locker

The American soldiers are professionally trained, and I could not expect them to commit crimes against humanity as portrayed in the movie The Hurt Locker. The movie displays the American soldiers shooting innocent civilians, including those who are making a simple phone call. The shooting of the civilians who were adjacent improvised explosives devices without any knowledge of their evidence. Further, I could not expect the American combats to undergo such a tough job that even caused rifts among the teams. The division among soldiers displays that they feared for their lives, and what they were undergoing was very tough moments in their line of duty.

Sanborn gave me a special connection to the movie. Due to the complexity of the situation, Sanborn feared for his life and felt that he should leave Iraq and have a son in his home country.

The movie clearly gives a reason why the war in Iraq should cease as soon as possible due to the problems it created for both the US and Iraq.

The US used many federal government resources that could have been used Elsewhere. Besides losing many soldiers, many were wounded, and those who returned home safely suffered post-war traumas. For the Iraqis, many lives were lost, and infrastructure was destroyed.

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