Sample Essay – Hurt Locker Objective

Hurt Locker Objective – The major objective of the movie is to disclose more precisely to the Americans and the global audience about the lives of the American soldiers in the Iraqi war. The movie tries to show what the other journalists and media, in general, cannot show in the live news about the real situation.

The action-thriller moves clearly show the problems the US soldiers face in Iraq and the aftermath of the war. It brings into reality the solder struggles against the insurgents and the differences among the soldiers, too.

The mass media should not assume the brutal deaths, the bloody incidences, and the scorching sun, but the movie brings reality close to the Americans. It reveals the tough duty under tough circumstances from within and without and the reasons behind every action that the American civilian cannot imagine.

The most compelling part of the movie involves the disagreement between the Explosive Ordnance Disposal, where James orders them to follow insurgents, but Sanborn argues that it is the responsibility of the other platoon in the area. As the team leader, James orders his team to abide by his command. Besides the operation failing, Eldridge is shot in the leg and held responsible. This clearly shows that the American soldiers were really going through trying moments in 2004 in Iraq.

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