Sample Essay – Mango Street Story

Brave does not want to give her sister the impression that she might be faced with opposition once she meets her husband. She is of the opinion that all will work in favor of her sister much to the disgrace of the other woman. Moon expects to find different customs in America but Brave assumes that everything is done the Chinese way despite the fact that she lives in America. This assumption proves out to be very wrong as Moon is disowned by her husband something that makes her insane. This shows the difficulties foreigners have to go through once they mix their cultures with those of the foreign lands they are living in.

Kingston comes to understand that her mother has been telling her true things. Kingston is trying to find out her identity and she decides to be telling her mother the things that trouble her mind one at a time. One day her mother is fed up and tells her to keep quiet but instead, she turns wild and starts yelling at her mother. She starts to regret the things that she has been doing by thinking that she is American. The repetition of the line “It comes true” in “A Song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe”, shows how Kingston is sorry for her past deeds. She realizes that she has been disrespectful and difficult to her mother for no apparent reason. She has come to accept the fact that she is Chinese living in America. (Kingston 209)

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