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Just like in the case of a Woman warrior, the novel The House on Mango Street is about the difficulties emigrants face as they try to settle in the foreign land they have chosen. This is told through the life of Esperanza who finds life in a crowded estate with no privacy very hard to adjust to its life. Just as Kingston encounters racialism from his bosses in Mango Street, there is also a lot or racism against the Latinos. Kingston is finding it hard to adjust to the life in America as a Chinese as it is the case for Esperanza for she is a Chicana. The case of multiculturalism is brought out clearly in the two narratives.
Maxine Hong Kingston who was born in the year 1940 in Stockton, California writes the novel woman warrior. The novel is about her life as she grew up in the America where by she thought that she had become truly Americanized and thus left all her Chinese roots.  She tells the story of five different women with the woman warrior being known as Fa Mu Lan as a mythical warrior, her long dead aunt No Name Woman who is her long dead aunt (Kingston 1). She also tells the story of her two aunts, Brave Orchid and Moon Orchid and herself.

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