Sample Essay – Brave Orchids Story

Brave Orchid stories give Kingston a horrible time as she tries to mix the Chinese and American cultures. “They stuff our heads like the suitcases, which they jam-pack with homemade underwear” depicts how their heads are filled with stories that do not make sense in the culture they are living in. in her dreams she thinking about the ghosts she told about by her hand but on the streets she behaves like a true American. (Kingston 98). She pretends that she has forgotten her Chinese culture although it still torments her. Kingston’s mother does not ant to let go and live like an American by always reminding her of her roots. She hates the story of ghosts while in America for they do not exist in their culture so these folk stories should not be told.

As Brave Orchid is discussing with her sister, Moon Orchid about how they will confront the latter’s husband we get to see the ignorance in Brave’s ideologies. She tells her sister that, her sons will denounce the other woman living with her husband and thus take them as her own. By saying, “Those are your children. He’s got two sons, You have two sons. You take them away from her. You become their mother.” “Do you ———–sons? Don’t you think they’ll be loyal to her, since she gave birth to them?”(Kingston 128) Though Moon is new in America, she seems to understand the American culture than her sister Brave, who has been living in America for some time now. She thinks the Chinese traditions can apply in this country and thus it is possible for Moon to adopt the sons of her husband just because she is the first wife.

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