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Kingston tells her story in chapter “A Song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe,” whereby she remembers her childhood and teenage days (Kingston 72). She tells the reader about her frustration and anger she has to go through in her attempt to make her unappreciative mother happy. After she is unable to make her mother understand her feelings, she starts criticizing everything around her. As she grows up, she starts to appreciate the stories her mother used to tell her. She even tells a folk tale about a warrior cum poet, who is captured by barbarians, only to return to China with foreign songs and dances. She has started to appreciate the Chinese culture.
Kingston tries very much to mix the two cultures here and at the same time creating her own harmony. As much as she wants to cherish the American culture, she cannot forget the things that are happening in China. The fact that Moon’s husband got married again means there is no space for Moon in the family although back in China it could have been possible. Although Brave has been living in America she seems to be ignorant of the way of life there. Her sister seems to understand a little of what to expect although it is her first time in America. (Wong 34-67)

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