Sample Essay – Mango Street Esperanza

Mango Street Esperanza makes friends with two Chicana girls, Lucy and Rachel who live on the other side of the street. These three girls together with Esperanza’s young sister, Nenny have lots of fun in the neighborhood. A woman known as Marin tells them sweet stories of boys and they buy a bike. They enjoy playing Double Dutch, a game of jumping over a rope as they engage in intimate conversations (Cisneros 91). The girls are almost getting to puberty and they are drawing the attention of men as witnessed when they walk around in high heels. Esperanza is also seen kissed by an older man at her first job.
Esperanza seems to be ashamed of the financial situation in her family and the fact that she cannot pronounce her name. She turns to writing poems, which she shares with older women whom she can trust. (Cisneros 13-24)
When puberty finally on Esperanza she starts to enjoy as boys watch her dance and she enjoys fantasizing about them. The death of her two family members, Aunt Lupe and her grandfather and the fact that she is nearing maturity brings her close to adult life. She starts to follow stories of older women where she realizes that most of them are stuck in their houses more than she is. Because of this, Esperanza becomes friends with Sally is more mature than her two friends. Sally happens to leave her alone in the presence of a group of boys who sexually assault her. She escapes her abusive father by befriending men and boys. (Cisneros 70-82)

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