Sample Essay – Mango Street Author

Sandra Cisneros who was born in 1954 to an English speaking Mexican father wrote the novel. This is a one-year story of a Mexican-American girl, a Chicana known as Esperanza who is twelve years old as the story starts. Her parents happen to have bought a house along Mango Street and move in.
Their new home is better than the apartment they have been living before but it is not what Esperanza was expecting for she thinks it is small. The house is located in a crowded neighborhood of Latinos in Chicago. The estate is for the poor where racial segregation is rampant and this makes Esperanza vow that one day she will move out Mango Street and buy her own house. She says that things had a tendency of getting lost while in the garden “as if the garden itself ate them or as if with its old-man memory it put them away and forgot them”. (Cisneros 88)  She both emotionally and sexually matures a lot during the year. The story sows as she grows hips, makes friends, has her first crush and faces sexual assault. As a way of running away from the realities of the neighborhood, she starts to write. The novel also describes the lives of Esperanza’s neighbors and what Esperanza might become in the future.

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