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Student life is the period of immense learning. It is during this time that so many doors of knowledge open to an individual, his thought process is refined, outlook on life is polished and his skills, learning and information is accentuated like anything. However, all this doesn’t come easy. One needs to put up immense amount of hard work and willingness in order to come out of the student life and enter the professional world as a learned and knowledgeable individual.

With the internet bringing the world just a click away to the students and increased used of cell phones student ethics have somewhat deteriorated. Learning has become so easy now with information being so abundantly and easily available that the sense of hard work, diligence and producing work that has been self created is slowly fading away.

Cheating has never before been more common among students than now. Students have started finding escape in cheating as they find it better than putting in effort to solve problems and complete tasks themselves. This is one of the most alarming stages as it is a direct portrayal of how students are so easily letting go of the morals and ethics that are being taught to them since a young age. This also indicates the possible continuity of such behaviors in their practical lives as well.

Plagiarism is another malice taking over the work of the students. Students are more reliant now on the Internet than their own selves to get their assignments done. This reliance would be understandable if its purpose is simply to gather information required to complete a given task. However students are making use of the Internet to get their entire assignments completed with minor or sometimes no effort being done on their own. All this is causing the individuality of students to die down. Since they don’t work on their own, their strengths and weaknesses would never surface.

To conclude, it can be said that the situation is pretty alarming. The deteriorating morals of the students and their lost honor is them find escape in everything and damaging their potential. Students who resort to unfair means to complete their assignments pose serious consequences to them. They would never be able to attain the sense of accomplishment that comes in doing a task yourself. This will eventually dampen their self confidence and reflect in their low knowledge levels when they enter practical life.

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