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Alexander (2007) also addresses the issue of the numbers of international students studying in the UK.  Such data is important because it serves as a marker for assessing the popularity of the UK has the first choice for higher education, and the information can also be used to plan for capacity and resources.  Figure 1.0 illustrates totals of international students in the UK on higher education courses.

Figure 1.0 separates the international students from within the EU from those coming from outside the EU.  This separation highlights the fact that non-EU students pay the international student rate for fees which can be as much as £8,000 per year, whilst EU students will pay the home rate which applies to UK students.  With this in mind, non-EU students will obviously contribute more to the higher education sector financially.

The figure above also shows that non-EU students form the bulk of international student numbers into the UK.  There are several explanations for this, some of which include the association of UK higher education courses with quality, particularly if students are coming from developing countries.  Quality must be an important factor in the decision to study in the UK, as large amounts of money are invested to complete these courses

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