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Despite these losses, it is undeniable that the return of Michael Dell to the company has increased confidence of both consumers and investors in the Dell Brand again. Under his leadership Dell has launched several new initiatives which have targeted consumers rather than corporations as the company has done in the past (CNN 2009). In 2008 Dell, Inc and the EMC Corporation announced an extension of their profitable partnership which has provided over 60,000 solutions to their consumers to date (Famento 2008). In 2009 Forbes magazine cited Michael Dell as the reason for the companies return to competitiveness against its rival Hewlett Packard (CNN 2009). It also provided the net worth of the company’s CEO in 2008 at 17.3 billion dollars (Famento 2008).

The CEO has also announced several new initiatives in 2009, including an energy saving initiative which will save the company 5.8 million dollars a year (Dell, 2009). Michael Dell’s company has also provided information regarding the company’s corporate responsibility program on its website. The program highlights the company’s environmental and social responsibility as well as corporate accountability for its actions (Dell, 2009). One of the highlights of this initiative includes the company’s offer to recycle its products for free and to recycle products from any other company on the purchase of a dell product. The company also offers computers to nonprofit organizations around the world through it programs (Dell 2009).

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