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Through the research conducted on the topic, it was found out that the use of Artificial Intelligence in HCI devices could certainly bridge the Digital Divide.  Through the research, in-depth information about Interactions between humans and computers as well as Human-Computer Interface design was gained. It was found that Human-Computer Interface is much more than a point serving as a connection between humans and computers. It involves gaining a comprehensive understanding of human behavior, how human interaction with computers, the effect that the interface will have on individual and society as well knowledge of computer system design and technologies which are used to implement the design.

It was also learned the Human-Computer Interface plays a major role in bringing together people with technology and could play a major role in future as well for making the technology accessible for all. Furthermore, it was also learned that Artificial Intelligence, a branch of computer science, could play a major role in bridging the Digital Divide. The field of Artificial Intelligence makes available intelligent technologies which are not only being incorporated currently in various devices to improve the experience of the user but in the future would also enhance the real-world experiences of the user. While exploring the topic of Technological Singularity, it was found that the possibility of such an event happening in the future is real.  The technological singularity would not only revolutionize the technology development process but would also completely alter the concepts of economy, eliminating the financial factor as well as completely customizing the interface between humans and computers , to suit the need of individuals, thereby making it possible for technology to be accessible for all within short period of time. It was also learned that moving toward developing a singularity without proper measures in place could endanger the whole mankind. Various point of view on this topic indicated that the though the singularity may pose a significant threat to humans, the chances of a complete takeover by computer is a remote possibility since the relationship between humans and computers will always remain symbiotic, hence, any conflict between them will not benefit either humans or computers. The research also revealed that Cybernetic Organism or Cyborgs already exist in our world currently, giving significant weight to the possibility of a successful and complete integration between humans and machines.

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