Sample Essay – Artificial Intelligence

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The specialist AI software used for this purpose is fed with training data which it then uses to identify the disease based on the matching of its visual properties. The use of AI in handwriting and speech recognition has made it possible to interact with computing devices using handwriting or voice.  The use of AI for obtaining information from visual data, or Computer Vision, is another significant application of AI. With regards to HCI, Computer Vision has been actively used both input device for computers and as output device for human.

In input devices, AI has been used for event detection and tracking in a visual environment which allows for various tasks to be performed on the computers through regular human interactions with other objects in the environments or even through hand movements. A military application of computer vision being used to perform tasks is Helmet Mounted Display, which identifies and tracks the movement of eye in order to tracking and locking of targets as well as the firing of missiles.

Artificial Intelligence

Uses of AI in output devices has been in the identification and highlighting of interesting objects in a display along with other information which greatly eases up the task of locating objects in a cluttered environment. For example, computer vision has been successfully used in an industrial application for detection faults manufactured products.

Computer Vision has also been used to assist humans in the detection of traffic and in navigating in difficult conditions. The use of computer vision in the military also includes separation and identification of enemy assets and soldiers in a battlefield environment as well as in the guidance of missile, where a decision is taken by missile guidance system to attack a specific target after reaching the target area, rather than attacking a preset target.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is another sub-field of AI that has been profoundly used in Human-Computer Interactions. The use of NLP bridges the difference between the language of humans and computers, thus making it possible for computers to be controlled or interacted with in the same way a human is interacted with.

The use AI makes it easier to deal with problems such as text segmentation, word sense disambiguation, imperfect or irregular inputs as well as speech acts and plans (Nebel & Lakemeyer, 2003).

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