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Another issue which has raised a problem about methods used in the collection of intelligence information is about the criteria used to arrive at the conclusion that a particular state is a security threat. For instance, a USA drone attack in Khartoum and left several civilians dead while according to the intelligence used to carry out the attack, the factory attacked was thought to be a terrorists haven manufacturing of explosives (Silverma 2006 p. 12). This shows that there is a need to scrutinize the methods and the motives behind the results of the analysis. In this example, intelligence information was wrongly used resulting into unnecessary attack that killed so many people and living many others seriously wounded.

There are various considerations influencing the organizational structures of various intelligence communities. These include mandates and roles of the intelligence services and the understanding of overlaps between role players and intelligence services such as enforcement of law and order in the broader security community (Smith 1994). In addition, the form of a specific central analysis mechanism to process collected intelligence information in case it does exist is very vital as it will ensure proper formulation of new policies aimed at curbing insecurity. Fourthly, the need to ensure accountability, central control, and coordination within the intelligence community is another important factor.

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