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One of the attractions of this story is the factor of the strange; it is the freedom of the reader to fill in the gaps, to make their judgments at his or her own discretion. It is beneficial to the reader that the man and the girl do not converse clearly. Most critics agree that in spite of what really happens, the open bond between the American and the girl will decline, or end. Three different situations have been sincerely reflected on:

The girl will have the abortion although unwillingly and continue with the man;

The girl will have the abortion and go away ;

The girl will not go through with the abortion, having succeeded in winning over the man over to her opinion.

Though, there is support in the narrative for a fourth outcome that fits in with the dark overall prognosis presented in other scholarly interpretations: the girl will indeed have the abortion, trying in this way to stay on with the man, but after the procedure has been performed, he will desert her. Various verbal and non-verbal indications found in the story support this interpretation of the narrative, as does the very symbolism of the title itself.

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