Compare and Contrast Essay

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Babylon Revisited by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway are two famous short stories, that on the surface seem to be very different with different themes and contrasting style of writing of the two authors but there appear some very basic similarities in the stories. The stories are very personal one about a man’s desire to get his daughter back and in another a girl’s mental turmoil over going ahead with the abortion or not.

Babylon Revisited is a work that associates with the times as well as enlightening about a tragedy, Fitzgerald wrote the tale in the midst of the confusion of his own life. The story’s main character, Charlie Wales, tries to recapture the American Dream following his wife’s death, the stock market collapse of 1929, and a fight with alcoholism. He becomes an entrepreneur in Prague, Czechoslovakia, and goes back to Paris wanting to get the charge of his daughter, Honoria. It seems as Charlie’s last chance of restarting his family life, for she is still forbearing and naive at the innocent age of nine. Conversely, the child is under the authorized custody of Charlie’s sister-in-law, Marion Peters, who unbendingly holds Charlie’s history against him. Charlie ineffectively seeks his self-determination as he struggles to discard his appalling reputation. He is trapped between his dreams for a respectable life for his child and the relaxed Parisian existence that caters to decadence.

On the other hand, Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway is not a type with an opening, a growth of the story and conclusion, but it is just a time in the life of two people, initially the story is not very satisfying for the reader, one only sees the exterior of what is going on. It leaves an undeveloped end; readers can have their own conclusion and as a result, take part in the narrative. The story told is that of a woman and a man in their journey to a location where she can have an abortion. The words here are very effortless one, even conversational; these informal words typically reflect feelings. The actual theme of the exchange is not plainly declared but it is essential, they are talking about love, thoughts, and her pregnancy. There is a strain in the air at some instances but they cannot articulate it explicitly, possibly they do not want to be heard for fear that someone can know them or perhaps it is just a trouble of sharing feelings with one another. This story is distinctive of Hemingway that is the use of Spanish language and sentences. He orders “dos cervezas” to the bar lady.

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