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In adopting laws and public policy that mandate standards of due diligence in providing child protective services their impact on diverse populations may vary significantly.  Good intentioned, what virtue that result from protective services may also either cause or bring other problems to light.  In the information age, problems in social policy are often publicized.  Outcomes in their services are researched or publicized, these flower in discussions in forums of their effect on the lives of persons they serve.

The term public service is a term that draws ridicule in coincidence along with good reports of what they accomplish.  Because child protective service organizations are authorized to affect people’s lives complaints are unavoidable.  This paper concerns the effects of implementations of social policy and what appears to be a deleterious effect on African American children and their family.

This survey concerns itself with whether there are aspects of child protective services that are failing to meet the best interests of one population in coincidence with having a positive or tolerable effect on others.  By virtue of the heart-rending nature of its work, there are dilemmas there is a certainty problem will arise as a consequence of implementations of case management service.  The issue is whether these have an inordinate impact on a particular population, rather than roughly equating in its impact on all who are served.

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