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And lastly, the social impacts on children due to rezoning can bring about destructive outcomes. For instance, redrawing boundaries exposes students to an influx of cultures or the social class or racial or ethnic diversity that changes the social environment under which the student interact and learn. This can be in terms of aculturalization, drugs and peer pressure can change child’s social context.

The issues voiced by parents are worth study curiosity to establish their remedies and impact on the quality and access to education to their children. However, it must be understood that Miami School has their set of issues. School issues include: travel time as the school is required to take time to get school buses out on the road to pick up every child. Additional of resources may be required such as school buses. Overcrowding in school with respect to adequate space to learn and hiring of additional teachers may be necessary that translates to financial expenditure. Therefore, it is worth this study curiosity to identify the stakeholders in the negotiation.

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