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Depression is a problem which affects people of all age and every gender. Religion, ethnicity, economic factors, and nationality; none of these factors affect depression forming in a person. There is no particular reason as to why depression may affect a person; reasons for it vary from person to person. Sometimes a particular incident triggers depression as well.

Depression in today’s society is extremely common and almost 2 out of every 10 individuals have been treated for depression clinically. Depression can have serious consequences if not dealt with immediately. An extreme consequence of people with depression is suicide. Other not-so-extreme consequences are becoming lonely and shying away from people, becoming an introvert and it could also lead to the development of an eating disorder.

People with depression tend to become affected by an eating disorder. They do not eat and if they do, they forcefully throw up their food. An eating disorder might result from depression as depression makes a person feel unwanted and lonely. In order for others to accept him/her and to be able to prevent the loneliness, people resort to perfecting their figure using this extreme measure. This may actually make them feel better…

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