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People often confuse themselves with an eating disorder and a diet. An eating disorder is far worse than being on a diet and it can have several consequences as well. An eating disorder is an illness which many young girls of today face. The major reason for the development of an eating disorder is emotional factors.

People often think that eating disorder is a way to which they can lose weight and this would result in their lives becoming better. This is absolutely not true! An eating disorder is extremely dangerous and can have harsh effects on an individual’s body and health. Losing weight is not a problem and can be done through dieting which is a safer and healthier way of losing weight.

There are many people who feel that by having an eating disorder they will have a greater chance of being accepted into the various groups of society. First of all, people should not worry about their weight and how they look to an extent that it hurts them. Sure everyone wants to look good and there are things which can be done to look good however going to extreme measures is not healthy.

There are various types of eating disorders such as anorexia and…

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