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The death penalty is a harsh punishment which many criminals have had to face in the past. Currently, there are almost 250 people who are added each year to the list of people to undergo the death penalty out of which at least a mere 35 get executed. There are many ways to which the death penalty can be administered. One of these ways includes using lethal injections which were one of the leading ways in which people in the United States were executed between the years 1976-1995. An estimated number of 180 people were killed using this method.

The death penalty is still practiced in America and is certainly considered to be one of the most painful and most cruel forms of punishment. To reach the decision of executing a criminal involves certain stages. The criminal is first convicted of the crime he/she has committed after which the jury decides the punishment of the criminal. The death penalty can be suggested and if accepted by the judge, any of the methods of execution is made use of. The lethal injection as a form of execution is still one of the leading ways to execute a criminal having to face punishment through the death penalty. There was a certain period in America however in which the death penalty was deemed unconstitutional by the Court of Law. The court felt that capital punishment was a cruel form of punishment and should not be carried out. This decision was however changed once various methods of carrying out capital punishment were introduced. The various…

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