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The question as to whether or not the practice of death penalty should continue as a form of punishment is still a matter of debate in many countries particularly the United States. The death penalty is a very serious issue as it deals with taking someone’s life. Everyone values their life a lot and for someone to take it away is certainly not right. Once someone is put to death, it remains like that forever; the person does not come back.

People are all connected with one another and if someone loses their life, people’s emotions come into play. Almost everyone in this world is afraid to die which is why we all take so many precautions in our life. No one wants to die a violent death and hence we do our best to remain safe. Every country has a high rate of crime, particularly America. Law enforcement authorities have been trying to do their best to reduce the rate of crime in the country, particularly those deaths associated with homicide. Contrary to the practice of death penalty in America, most Americans are against the death penalty and instead prefer…

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