Sample Essay

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Dad’s Version

My dad gave a much shorter account of what happened. His family always expected him to go to college and join the family business in the city. And after attending private schools his objective was to joining a good state university to get a degree. He says he enjoyed his first year at the huge campus, but something happened in the second year which changed his life forever!

He bumped into someone and when he looked around he saw the most beautiful thing standing there looking lost. He said he could not leave her looking so helpless and so took it upon himself to guide her to her dorms. From then on he was like a shadow following her trying to help her out in little ways—as he believes she was quite suspicious of him and somehow thought him to be arrogant.  He then found a convenient excuse for helping her out with her work— this strategy worked and they came closer and it gave my mom a chance to see the real person he was.

Dad says he enjoyed the first date as my mom was so uncomfortable and he did nothing to ease her doubts. He did this deliberately so that she would adjust as she felt was right. He says after that he never gave her chance to run away and since then they have remained sweethearts. His family was not very enthusiastic about him marrying her but they had no choice as mom was the only person for him.

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