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After hearing both the versions, I feel that love means different things to men and women. The essential difference that is there between them cannot be denied and the way they approach to love is very different. In my parent’s case my mom did not know what was happening and prefers even now to think that the love grew as they go to know each other, while dad’s account shows that from the very beginning, dad knew what he was doing and the reason that he planned the whole courtship was because he wanted to make sure that when my mom accepted him as her love it would be forever.

My parent’s courtship tells me a lot about fate and love. My mom was clueless while my dad knew and was very patient in the planning he did to win her over. Therefore to me, something should click on me as it did with both my parents, but my mom was not ready to see it or accept it right away. From this, I realize that I should accept the truth when I see it or when I think it is there.

I would rather be like my mother though and make my love do all the working and planning as I think my father must have suffered much more, knowing that he loved mom but not admitting it till the right time.

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