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The Courtship

Mom’s Version

My mother grew up on a farm, and from among six siblings, she was the fourth. She always dreamt of going to college as her elder brothers had preferred to join the farm after high school, as a result she was thought to be different—although discouraged, she eventually landed at the State University.  According to her my dad was the first person she talked to on the campus and though did not seem interested in helping a country bumpkin —as she called her self—he helped her locate her dormitory. Mom’s first impression of dad was not very good, in fact, she thought he was a snob and even the act of helping her was done because my mom was very attractive!

They kept on bumping into each other at various places like the library or the cafeteria, and since the campus was in a small town there weren’t many places to go. In addition from time to time, my dad starting helping her out in her courses as he was a year senior to her and the time spent together pouring over textbooks eventually brought them closer. Even then –according to mom– he held out till the very end and did not invite her to a date until her second year in college. And the first date was a disaster as she did not know how to act as their platonic relationship was very relaxed but she felt very strange going out with him and to make matters worse the movie they went to was a drag, however being so nervous about it they sat through it.  After the first date, they started dating regularly.  They finally married when my mom was in her senior year.

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