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Censorship is a way to protect people from being exposed to inappropriate types of material. However this leads to limiting freedom of speech which is the right of every individual. It is due to limiting freedom of speech that many people are against censorship. Many people do believe that there is certainly a need to censor the things which are made available to society today but they also believe that the measures being taken are too extreme and the people carrying out these measures should not have the right to meddle with anyone else’s rights. Many societies have been faced with the fight between right and wrong.

Culture today is against everything that the media presents. Whether it is movies, television shows, music or the news; everything is censored in one way or another. Ever since societies were established, restrictions were placed on things. For a long time, freedom of speech and press, two of the rights every American has, have been present in societies even before America came into existence (Friedman). There has been a clash between people wanting free speech and the concern for what impact it would have on society (Friedman). Those who have been afraid of…

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