Essay: Slave Freedom and Reform Agendas

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As the north and northern south regions accepted slave freedom and the reform agendas of Jackson’s government, many southern states opted to cessed[1].

The refusal to accept emancipation of slaves and equal rights for freed slaves and women created tension between the north and south. For cessation to succeed, the south states created their own constitutions separate from the declaration of independence. This caused wide spread alarm in the nation, as states began to arm themselves to defend their views and institutions. As a result, the south created military companies in the southern states and as the federal government supported the rich industrial north. This led to the civil war era where slaves alike joined their respective masters[2]. The results of this was the freeing of slaves through Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation, the defeat of the south, the union of the nation and the eventual fight for equal rights movements

[1] Amy, The Mysterious Death, 30.

[2] Ibid,

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