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Practical characteristics of PHR consist of the facility to input and document significant wellbeing measures, compute physical condition risk manifestations, do simple medication exchanges, and possibly produce a reproduction to take to the doctor’s office or on holiday.  Such accounts can help patients quickly give details their health problems when meeting with their physicians. Additionally, they can help recording information that may be helpful when reporting health insurance claims. As PHR acts as an accessory to a physician or organization’s electronic medical Record or patient record (EMR or EPR), it presents an individual-centered system that encapsulates information not only from several EMRs but also openly from patients. This facilitates the addition of not only what medicine was prescribed, but also if the prescriptions were fulfilled, and connected to any negative reactions. Other important characteristics of the PHR comprise a patient power of the record and physicians and healthcare organizations act as custodians.

Since President Bush’s April 2004 demand for computerized medical records within 10 years, the United States government has selected a National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (HIT) and created an outline for HIT and EHR development. at the same time, the National Health Information Infrastructure is projected to develop the efficiency, competence and general superiority of wellbeing and healthcare in the United States. (NHII) The capacity of the NHII includes the concept of a customer managed, private Personal Health Record.

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