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One of the recent examples of PHR is the creation of The Personal Inter-networked Notary and Guardian (PING) out of the Informatics Program at Boston’s Children’s Hospital is an online and patient managed private medical records system. It integrates the data from many care centers and systems, giving patients and families with a private and mutual means of managing their clinical records. Its creators assert that the keys to a thriving PHR include patient control over authorization, protections to guard patients, and interoperability, meaning information can be included from multiple sources made possible by data exchange using public or open standards.
In information Technology terms, this narrow ‘all for individual’ depiction ignores the meaning of mutually beneficial dialogue between physician and patient. In order to give patients the authority and self-assurance to keep as associates with their health service”, patients must be dynamically concerned in management. This balanced approach is important to empower one for the wellbeing of all— specifically, improving the competence and usefulness of healthcare for better health results.
The future of PHR  is about

  • Distribution of information,
  • Sharing of assessment and
  • division of accountability

The emerging features of patient empowerment are gradually starting to pervade almost all features of healthcare deliverance, from policy formation to record keeping.

Although this project represents one case in point for PHR it demonstrates

common causes guiding PHR growth. That is, paper records are becoming more and more patchy and cumbersome; customers are asking for more and improved access to personal health information, Ramsaroop and Ball show “there is a need to leverage an underutilized partner, the patient, to achieve better care at lower costs.” (45)

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