Sample Essay

Within the last five years I have found myself evolving from a person who generally positive and extroverted, to someone who has seen and acknowledged the importance of foresight and responsibility. Seeing my children and reflecting back on my own relationships with my siblings has afforded me the opportunity within my environment to acknowledge new personality traits within me that I did not know existed. I would say that these new surface traits that have emerged come from a single source trait, my positivity.

In my childhood I went through some rather unpleasant experiences at the hands of my stepmother. I had a relatively normal life until she entered and married my father when I was fifteen. Her resentment of my family was palpable and had a profound effect on me. I decided that as a stepmother, I would not allow my children to undergo the same treatment, rather, I would assert my source traits and remain positive despite any circumstances or difficulty despite my situation. In doing so I have found new experiences with the children, who have brought out personality traits in me I have never truly noticed before.

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