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This case is related to job analysis and job description of a recruitment director in public sector. It is about a police department which is plagued by several problems:

  • First, the citizens believe that the police department is more interested in the trivial matters like the writing tickets then following serious crimes,  like drug trafficking and organized crime.
  • Secondly, the department is also accused of discrimination against minorities. This is not just as employees but also in terms of law enforcement.
  • The moral of the police force is very low as the employees don’t see many growth opportunities, and the employee turnover is very high at 25 %.
  • The department is thought to be politically organized a people are hired by the elected officials and therefore connections are important, this is the reason that the top management has no related experience about HR practices in the police department and the hiring is not done is a proper way.

Possible Solution

A possible solution for solving some of the problems faced by the police department is for the director operations to hire a recruitment officer who would be able would organize and operate a minority recruitment program and would be responsible for its administration. There is no job analysis carried out and a job description is not made.

An independent consulting organization selected the three candidates, Murphy, Jones and Sikorsky; however, it was thought that Jones was the best-suited candidate. According to the postscript of the case, it appears that Jones was preferred over others because of his military background, and initially, he was very successful in hiring minority police officers from different place like school, newspapers, colleges, organizations etc. his success was so significant that he was recognized for the recruitment success. However, after two years it became obvious that though Jones was a successful recruiter, it was very difficult to retain the minority staff members and the turnover was as high as before. The senior officers, who were white males did not adhere or agree to Jones policies and philosophy.  There was a lot of hazing and this led to a lot of new recruits leaving their jobs.

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