Alloy Inc. has established itself as one of the strongest competitors within the non-traditional world of marketing and services. It aims to target the Y Generation as its main consumer and client body in order to maximize its strength and share in the market, by tapping the potential this particular segment of the market holds (Alloy Website, 24th July 2010).

Therefore the strategies that are going to be implemented by the decision makers will primarily keep this as the main concern when examining the shifting and changing market trends, from an environmental point of view which will consider both the internal and external environment and its effect on the organisation. Firstly, from the internal environmental point of view, the first thing that would need to be considered is the specific environment. This one comprises of the industry as a whole, looking at the competitors and their strength and weaknesses in the market. It then goes on to observe and evaluate the threats and the opportunities present in the market, and an attempt would be made to gauge the impact of both. Furthermore, through a thorough examination of the market, and observation of the substitute products and the bargaining power of both the supplier and the buyer will allow Alloy Inc. to realize its own economic standing within the industry, and what is required of it to strengthen itself. This may be readily available on the internet, through online journals and surveys conducted by various recognized universities or esteemed researchers. Furthermore, in the modern age, many institutions have been now set up to provide services to different companies in the form of carrying out large scale research within the field of concern in order to establish a strong database of valid and current information on the economic scene present in the market that is directly related to the needs of Alloy Inc. with regards to its schemes of strengthening its share within its market.

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