One of the main things that make the company stand out within the current pool of organizations functioning within the industry is the way it focuses its interests on a particular segment of consumers within the market. This is done by targeting the Generation Y group, of this era, and marketing goods and services keeping in mind their demands and needs and interests.

The company does not indulge in mass marketing, as it feels it would be going against their company policy as the audience that they target are the ones currently between ten to twenty five years of age. Therefore, when it states that the market that they address is not dependant on the products, but rather, its roots are firmly embedded within the policy of marketing to an exclusive generation and its demands, and to market goods and services accordingly.

This goes on further to establish that since the purpose of the organisation is to not to provide its services to the mass public, and to solely focus on this particular segment of the market, it has to go to large extents to understand the needs and demands of this particular generation. Therefore, this completely revolutionises the drive behind the strategy that Alloy Inc. would thus accommodate..

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