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Edward I. Koch, a rigid proponent of Capital Punishment, argues that “It is by exacting the highest penalty for the taking of human life that we affirm the highest value of human life”.  In his essay, Death and Justice: How Capital Punishment Affirms Life, his main argument suggests as the title implies, that the death penalty brings new insight to our perception of the value of life.

Capital Punishment was enacted to serve two purposes.  It was to serve as a deterrent against further capital crimes and as a punishment for the worst of all ways to break the law.  In the end, it fails at both these objectives and has no purpose whatsoever other than revenge.  Consequently, not only does this degrade us as individuals, but also society as a whole. At the rate the world is moving, there will always be murderers and nothing will ever stop that.  The main problem with using the death penalty as deterrence for murder is that it only strikes the surface.  It might stop a few would-be murderers today, but it will also indirectly make killing a condonable act in the future.  Ultimately, everyone looks up to the government.  They set standards and are our measure of what is right and wrong.  If governments truly want to end the act of murder altogether, then they must set the example.  The youth of this world must believe that life is so important that not even the highest level of punishment would involve ending a criminal’s life.  This would affirm the highest value of human life.

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