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Many citizens of the United States are worried about the increasing use of the death penalty in the country. Statistics have shown that 70% of the population is in support of the capital punishment whereas it is only 30% of the people who are against it (Fact).

The main reason as to why the controversy and debate around capital punishment have increased is due to the increased use of this form of punishment in America. Amongst all the states in America, there are only 12 states which do not carry out the death penalty as a form of punishment and due to this; the death penalty is becoming quite futile.

Many clauses have been included in the use of capital punishment by the Supreme Court and one such clause, the “Cruel and Unusual Clause” was added by the court in 1962 (Meltsner). Death penalty as a form of punishment has been shown to be a cruel form of punishment (Berns).

The ways in which execution took place in America has certainly become less painful with the methods changed. Earlier, painful execution methods were made use of whereas now the methods used are less painful than before. The quicker and less painful punishments include the gas chamber, lethal injection and the electric chair out of which the lethal injection is the most popular (Ways).

The debate about the death penalty is influenced by ethical as well as religious point of views as well. People believe that capital punishment should be legalized in America as this would reduce the crime rate. On the other hand, many criminals have been wrongly accused and even…

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