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The discovery of the Pazyryk carpet, thought to be 2500 years old, has offered insight into the ancient process of carpet weaving, as well as serving as a historical document. It is believed that the Pazyryk carpet came from the Altai region of Siberia. Persian carpets, such as the Pazyryk carpet, had humble beginnings for utilitarian purposes but grew into an art form that found its way into the palaces and continues to thrive today. Creating carpets was no easy process. One piece might have taken years to create. The process began with the shearing of sheep. After washing and bleaching, dyers dyed the wool. Only after these processes took place could the actual weaving begin. The process produced a carpet rich in motifs, historical importance and, of course, a thing of beauty.

The Pazyryk carpet is thought to have come from the Altai region. Altai is a region that archaeologists know as having a history semi-nomadic sheep-herding and horseback-riding people known as the Pazyryk culture. The culture dates to the sixth and second centuries B.C. The Pazyryk people are a sub-group of the Scytho-Siberian cluster, a group of people who lived along the stretch of the Black Sea to the area dominated by the Scythians.

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